Magical Activity Packs



“Wizzo, just wanted to say thanks for a fab party! the Magical Activity Packs were just great and the kids loved them, saved me a lot of time,money & stress”
Margaret Jones, Bristol



Packs are charged at £2.00 per pack up to 20, then after, only £1.00 per pack!

So Whats inside the Magical Activity Packs?

Now that would be telling!
Oh, alright,

Take a look below.

  • Wizzo’s Magical Activity Book, bursting with 12 pages FULL of fun,magic, games and Jokes!!!
  • Wizzo’s Magic Money
  • Wizard At Work Door Hanger
  • Wizzo’s Wand Trick
  • Bakewell the Dragon illusion
  • Silicone Wristband (four to collect, so they can swap or trade to add to their collection)

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