Advice For Parents

How To Create A

Magical Birthday Party!

First of all, sit down with the Birthday Child and discuss what type of party they would like. Theme parties are very popular and it gives you a good starting point if your child has a particular interest; Like magic, Harry Potter, Super Hero, Paw Patrol and others. You can buy plates, napkins, games and cakes around a theme. This helps you in planning all the activities.

Where are you going to have the party? will this be a home party or would you rather go out and let a restaurant or party place handle the day. Many pizza places offer party rooms and there are a lot of children’s activity centre’s designed just for parties.

If you think you would rather leave the clearing up for someone else, you should book this as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment. The same goes for Professional Entertainment, book now and get who you really want!

Involve the entire family in the party! assign duties for each, perhaps one parent can be in charge of taking photographs. One of the children could hang up the coats, another could introduce the Magician.

Tying balloons on your gate or door would also help your guests find your party more easily. Have the Birthday Child select the colours of the balloons.

Protect your pets! We suggest that they are placed in a safe area away from the party. Some children play rough, and animals may bite if threatened.

Opening presents at the party is often a personal family tradition, how-ever when asked, I suggest that it be done after everyone has left. This allows you to record each gift and send a thank-you to the sender. It also prevents lost or broken pieces and allows you to share the moment as a family.

“Here are some question asked by many parents! I hope the answers below help you out at your Child’s party”

(In no particular order!)

Q: What does Wizzo the Wizard need?
Answer: Wizzo needs an area where all the children are sat on the floor and in front and not to the sides or behind him, so then everyone will get a good view of the show. Wizzo will arrive about 30-40 minutes before the scheduled time  (traffic conditions allowing) and will set up in the spot where the show will take place. If possible it is best when the children are out of the room while Wizzo sets up. If this is not possible try and keep the children at the other end of the room while the set up is taking place, so nothing gets knocked and no one gets hurt.

Q: Can I take pictures?
Answer: Feel free to take as many photos as you like. They will make great mementos for years to come, and yes you can video as well,. so you can all sit back and watch the fun many times over.

Q: What can I do to try and stop the children running around before the party starts?
Answer: This usually happens in halls as the children arrive. Children who run around freely can be very hard to control when it’s time to do so! Give them something to do the moment they arrive. A great idea is to have then colour in a plain table cloth. You can then keep it as a reminder of the party for years to come!

Q: Should I place balloons all over the floor?
Answer: Balloons on the floor at parties look fun. However some Children can play rough & sooner or later someone will end up getting hurt. A lot of younger Children don’t like balloons especially when they burst! Keep all the balloons in a safe place until the end of the party. So that way,all of the Children will have a balloon to go home with!

Q: What party games would be best?
Answer: Party games are great, but not if you are the one who is out straight away, so no Elimination Games! Play games were everyone is involved.

Q: Can adults watch the entertainment?
Answer: A very big yes, that’s fine. However you might have to remind the Adults why they are there! You’ve booked Wizzo the Wizard to entertain the children. After all it is your Child’s special day. So ask the Adults not to talk loudly. Some Adults can talk loudly even when they think they are talking quietly.

Q: I went to a party when a child was misbehaving. Whats the best way of dealing with it?

Answer: Some children can get really excited! So you need to deal with it straight away, other wise things could get worse. Say that you might have to speak to their Mum if they don’t calm down!

Q: How many guests?
Answer: This all depends on where the party is to be held, at home or in a hall?. Once you know, you want to make sure you can handle all the children because they are going to be very excited. As a rule we would recommend for a house party between 10-15 children depending on the size of your house. For the party to be held in a hall 15-25 children is a comfortable number to look after.

Q: How long should I have the party for?
Answer: The ideal length of a children’s party is 2-3 hours allowing time for setting up an cleaning up after the party.

Q: All Boy, all Girls, or a mix?
Answer: Boys and girls DO mix! It is very tough to have a Children’s Party with only Boys or Girls. Mix them. If you insist on an all Boy or all Girl Party, make sure that you have something for them to do every minute.

If you have any questions regarding your Childs Birthday, please do get in touch, I’ll be more than happy to help.

Wizzo the Wizard